I love the soft……

I love the soft colours of a rainbow.
I love drizzle, – the way it embrace my body with soft nourishing touch.
And most of all, – I love the soft space I becom by walking in it.
I love the soft arms of my little kids around my neck. (long time ago, but still as it was yesterday)
I love walking barefoot in soft moss or warm sand on a beach.
I love the soft fur of my cat, and her soft meow, when she love that I love.
I love the soft light in early morning.
I love the soft «blue hour» in the evening.
I love my soft pillow in evening.
I love the soft stretch in my muscles when I do my morning yoga.
I love the soft water from my Alladin karaffel, soft vitalized water to nourish my body.
I love the softness of straw bobbing in the sunset breeze.
I love soft music from violins.
I love soft caramel.
I love long soft hugs that last “for ever”.
I love soft kisses.
I love the soft energies in the forest.
I love the soft glow of sunset in pine trees.
I love the soft summer breeze from east.
I love walking in the soft new grass in the spring.
I love the softness that entered my life the moment I let go of judgment, and replaced the judgement with the question “does this work for me”?